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Geospatial AI

Our expertise is in training AI models with limited computational power, as well as high-performance computing to extract information from spatial data.

Geographic Information System

Our team employs advanced AI/ML/DL, Remote Sensing and GIS techniques to support quick decision making and meets client's requirements. Our services range from satellite data acquisition to image processing, analysis, and sharing results via magnificent and interactive static, dynamic maps.

Image Processing

Garudalytics Image processing involves performing numerous operations on raster layers sourced from satellites, drones, digital elevation models (DEMs), scanned maps, mobiles, and cameras. We use advanced diverse spatial analysis and image processing tools available in our software packages and the cloud.


Garudalytics uses high-resolution datasets to provide critical insights quickly. We use drones for mapping, surveying, GIS, and faster survey data. We also automate 2D and 3D mapping to meet our clients' specific needs. We plan the flight with the customer's safety and privacy in mind.


Garudalytics Location-Based Services combine continuous space-time analysis with big data from intelligent IoT devices and sensors. We use real-time geospatial analytics to provide quick geos We also help our clients share data, predict sensor movement, and evaluate geographic patterns.


We also use data from satellites, drones, GPS, mobile devices, social media, and location sensors. With this data, we can predict future risks, provide better forecasts, and tailor solutions to our clients' specific needs.

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