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Garudalytics has a team of GIS professionals and data scientists with over 12 years of experience who are passionate, enthusiastic, and dedicated.


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We believe that no two cases are the same. We consider all of our clients’ challenges  from an individual perspective and aim to offer practical advice.


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We offer a complete range of Geospatial Solutions  & Services under one roof: our team delivers everything web, mobile and custom application development and services which can solve your problem.

We offer Geospatial Services and Development

Unleash the power of Geospatial information with Garudalytics modern AI and Analytics

Garudalytics aspires to be one of the leading organisations in the Geospatial domain. We specialise in extracting insights from location data in order to solve spatial problems with location intelligence. We offer our clients exclusive solutions based on industry-proven science and digital technologies such as geospatial science, artificial intelligence, IoT, and blockchain. Garudalytics has a team of GIS professionals and data scientists with 23 years of combined experience who are passionate, enthusiastic, and dedicated. We are committed to providing a complete GIS solution. Garudalytics, an innovator in the field of advanced geospatial data, provides prominent data processing practises by handling a large amount of geospatial information for a diverse range of clients all over the world. Application development, data services, cloud services (SaaS, PaaS), and consultancy services are among the services we provide. Garudalytics has a Results-Driven culture and makes informed decisions to better serve our customers.


Ready to Use Inhouse GeoAI Tools

Building Foot Print Extraction                                            Roads Feature Extraction                                                      Wells Detection                                                                        Mangrove Mapping                                                                      Crop Count and Health Assessment                                Damage Assessment                                                            Feature Identification                                                                Crop Type Classification                                                            Cluster mapping                                                                              Water body extraction                                                              Cars Detection                                                                                3D Feature Extraction                                                                Face Detection                                                                              Mask  Detection                                                                          Detecting object from Video Feeds                              Change Detection                                                                         Land Use/Land Cover Mapping

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