Our Expertise

Expertise in agricultural business all over the world with more innovative ideas, less expensive approaches, and the use of SaaS/PaaS. 


Garudalytics uses multi-source distant detection methods to ensure high-quality data across large zones. Urban planning encompasses data collection and analysis, forecasting, planning, resource allocation, financial modelling, and social research.


Garudalytics has extensive exposure to the Utilities vertical, assisting electricity, telecommunications, and gas utilities with data and planning services within precincts. Spatial intelligence improves operations, efficiency, reliability, and customer satisfaction for utilities.


Garudalytics provides long-term development plans for local-level planners, development practitioners, and government officials. We follow a Participatory Rural Approach to obtain necessary information from local bodies, and resolve business challenges in real-time.

Natural Resource Management

Garudalytics use spatial analysis and innovative maps to reveal new patterns, trends and better manage the earth's natural resources. We use artificial intelligence, data engineering, and spatial intelligence to increase productivity, optimise workflows, and reduce risk.

Emergency Management

One-step emergency management is accomplished using the Garudalytics app. We deliver communities that are safer and more resilient by using innovative methodologies to comprehend complex vulnerabilities, threats, and hazards.

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