Geospatial AI

Geospatial AI
Our Applications Include
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Garudalytics employs cutting-edge, emerging GeoAI (Geospatial Artificial Intelligence) technology, which is a hybrid of AI and GIS. To produce accurate results, we handle massive datasets by utilising deep learning and machine learning models. Our expertise is in training AI models with limited computational power, as well as high-performance computing to extract information from spatial data. Our team assists in the investigation of various factors that can be perceived by AI in real-time.

Image classification and Image Segmentation

Object Detection and Feature Extraction

Pattern Recognition

Data Cleaning and Data Engineering

Building Foot Print Extraction

Roads Feature Extraction

Wells Detection

Mangrove Mapping

Crop Count and Health Assessment

Damage Assessment

Feature Identification

Crop Type Classification

Cluster mapping

Water body extraction

Cars Detection

3D Feature Extraction

Face Detection

Mask/No Mask Detection

Detecting object from Video Feeds

Change Detection

Land Use/Land Cover Mapping

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